10 Facts About Me (that you probably didn’t need to know)

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks, I didn’t post a blog last week and I very nearly convinced myself that I shouldn’t post one this week either. Mentally, I’m pretty exhausted right now, and that sparks a thought that I don’t have the energy for anything creative. In actual fact though, taking some time to write or draw or simply create something does actually fill up the reserves a little bit. So, in the spirit of using little of my precious brain power, here is 10 things about me that you never asked to know.

  1. I have 9 tattoos – a snowflake, a duck, a lotus flower, a paw print from each of my family dogs, a hand signal of llamas, the word ‘breathe’, and 2 separate lines from songs.
  2. When I was 6 years old I got my right index finger stuck in the car door. Around the same time I had a habit of following my dad around with my hands in his back jeans pockets. A few weeks after the finger incident, the nail had turned black and I lost it in my dad’s pocket, never to be seen again.
  3. As a child I was obsessed with the idea of blue food. I was always begging my mum for blue jelly and blue cordial, normally to no avail as mum always said blue was just too weird a colour for food to be! For my 10th birthday party I decided on a blue theme and I was allowed to have blue everything, even jelly. Honestly, I don’t think it was that great, just sweet – probably because there really isn’t any truly blue food for it to be based on. Sigh.
  4. I absolutely detest peas, even now as a 24 year old woman I will pick them out without an ounce of embarrassment. For my 13th birthday my mum and dad said I didn’t have to eat them anymore.
  5. I used to think I was actually a dog in disguise and that my childhood dog was my sister. I had a puppy calendar on my wall that I would show my friends when they came over, and I’d point out which dog was me in my natural form.
  6. I hate the feeling of foam. Even writing that gave me shivers, ew.
  7. The first coherent piece of writing I remember doing was called “The Forest Friends” and was about three native Australian animals who went out on an adventure and then nearly got killed by a bushfire…
  8. As a child I was deathly afraid of fire. Also snakes, robbers and motorbikes. The worst dream I ever had was that I was being chased by a man on a motorbike who had snakes stuck to him and I couldn’t go inside because my house was on fire… so weird.
  9. Going along with the above, I had terrible nightmares as a child, the first of which I remember coming from watching The Wizard of Oz with my kindergarten boyfriend. I couldn’t sleep for years and my mum eventually devised a system where I got a little froggy stamp on my calendar if I managed to stay in my bed all night. I still have the stamp as a reminder of what I can overcome.
  10. If I could design my perfect day it would start early with a cup of tea and a good book, a beautiful fresh breakfast – avo on toast and maybe a croissant? – then I’d paint all day surrounded by woodland creatures before settling down in front of a roaring fire while it rains cats and dogs. Do I just want to be Beatrix Potter? Yes, yes I do.

So there you have it, 10 random things about me that even I hadn’t cared to think about for a while. I hope you enjoyed reading and now feel you know me a little better.

What’s an interesting fact about you?

Chat soon x

5 thoughts on “10 Facts About Me (that you probably didn’t need to know)”

  1. I’m sorry. We can’t be friends anymore. You don’t like peas. (Ask my husband or daughter of my obsession with peas. There’s ALWAYS a bag of frozen in the freezer and I just grew some fresh in the garden. NOM NOM NOM) – xx.

    1. Or….did we just become better friends because I will give you all my peas? XD Weirdly I do actually really like raw ones from the garden…

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