Sneak Peek – The Day Janet Trimble Disappeared

Janet Trimble’s clock ticked loudly from the corner of her boxlike bedroom. Janet herself shuffled around nervously, stopping every few seconds to readjust her fluffy socks that kept snagging on the uneven floorboards. Her usually immaculate hair was falling out of the confines of its clip and the silver-grey tendrils were now hanging dishevelled at her back.

“Only a few more minutes,” she muttered, her voice muffled by the hand that she was chewing on.

The clock ticked louder and louder until finally, the hand struck three. A loud bong! erupted from it, repeating itself twice more before becoming quiet. Janet breathed out a huge sigh of relief and slumped to her bed, his words still ringing in her ears. She examined her bleeding hand thoughtfully then reached toward her nightstand to retrieve her handkerchief. She had just about stopped the bleeding when there was a high-pitched pop, and she was gone. The handkerchief hung in mid-air for a second before settling itself amongst her cushions, and then all was still.