When our children are struggling, we give them encouragement through the form of kind words, but kind words aren’t just for children, they’re for all of us.

WHO Kindness Cards are for anyone who needs them. Share them with your mum, your dad, your children, your partner, you grandparents, and your neighbours – there isn’t anyone who won’t benefit from a kind word.

WHAT Kindness Cards serve to remind us all that even as adults, we still need a little sweetness in our lives. The affirmations are for you, your children and your friends.

WHERE You can access the cards above as an interactive PDF, or if you prefer something more tangible, you can download my free printable document, which allows you to create the cards yourself.

GET CRAFTY Cut out the cards, glue the front to the back, give them a shuffle and pick your card.
Now you have a piece of pocket sized kindness to take with you wherever you go.