How to Have Productive Conversations About Climate Change

Struggling to nail your point when it comes to talking about climate change? Katherine chats to Eli Davern from School Strike 4 Climate in Albury, NSW about how he approaches people with different perspectives and how you can too.

Managing Change and Wellbeing in 2020

The 2010s were one big decade. While many things have been changing in our world, lots of personal change has happened for Katherine too. She looks back at her experiences with mental health and sets intentions to take another year in her stride.

Coming to Terms with Christmas Grief

When I was a child, Christmas felt like the most magical time of the year. Perfectly spaced between my birthday and Easter, it was just long enough between holidays to build up a true sense of anticipation. We celebrated every year with family and friends and there was always something for me under the tree.

My September of Grief

Before that first September, my experience with grief was fairly limited.

You Don’t Have To Be Diagnosed With An Eating Disorder To Suffer From Disordered Eating

For close to half my life I subscribed to a belief that I had to look a certain way on the outside in order for people to see the value I had on the inside.

There’s A Deafening Social Silence Around Men’s Eating Disorders & We Need To Acknowledge It

Eating disorders are already a heavily stigmatised mental illness, but they can be even more so if you don’t fit the incredibly narrow perception that our society has of someone suffering with one.

My Enneagram Personality Test Results Told Me I Needed To Change Up My Style

I can't be the only person on the planet who lives for an online quiz.

My Boss Told Me I Should Get Lap Band Surgery

When I was a teenager, a girl I worked with who was not much older than I, underwent gastric bypass surgery.

Letter to a Confused, Pre-Adult Me

Do you ever wish you could have given yourself the heads up about what was to come in life? Here's the advice Katherine has for her younger self.